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Plan Review

What Happens When You Submit a Plan?

landscape plan reviews by agenciesA beautification project on public property is a wonderful idea, but the execution of the idea is a lot more complex than you might expect. Your group may think they can grab some shovels and plant some trees and flowers anytime they like. Why would anyone be critical of a voluntary attempt to add plants and make an area prettier than it was before? It’s public land, so that’s okay, right? Without going through the proper channels, even well-meaning groups can run into problems when they decide to enhance public lands with landscaping.

Agencies tasked with stewardship of public lands require anyone who proposes to alter or disturb the land in their trust to submit a landscape proposal for review. The agency needs to make sure regulations and policies governing the use of public land are followed, and it is responsible for protecting public land from harm. The agency also wants to make sure no one gets hurt while installing or maintaining approved landscaping. It’s surprising how many things can go wrong when a group decides to plant something within the rights-of-way or easements. The agency, having seen years and years of proposals, knows what can go wrong and how to help things go right. A landscape plan review is a helpful way to avoid problems and keep everyone safe. It results in a better design.

landscape plan agency review