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Landscape Plan Reviews

highway landscapeDesign costs are a significant investment on your part, but how can you know if the design is good if you are not an expert? 

Over the past decade, we have reviewed thousands of large-scale landscape plans.  Whether you are planning a local government-sponsored roadside beautification project, would like additional guidance on planting plans for environmental mitigation, or you need some quality control for your firm’s consultant landscape designs, we can provide concise reviews that can catch potential issues and provide tips for successful installations. Turnaround time for reviews is typically just a few days.

Maintenance is the key factor in a successful design.  We can include a suggested maintenance work plan with your final review.  More importantly, we will review your landscape design with ongoing maintenance responsibilities in mind, and help you make changes to make sustaining your investment easier.

It can take about two months to go through a simple landscape plan submittal and a year or so can go by between a preliminary field plan review and final field plan review. It is costly to have to wait through the red tape more than once.

You don’t go to a movie without checking the reviews.  Why spend substantial funds on a landscape design without a thorough critique?

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You can check out examples of the types of reviews available at this link.

Plan Reviews