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landscape grant applicationsWith our experience creating and reviewing landscape grant programs, we can evaluate your project and provide tips on how to make it more awardable. The grant application process can be quite competitive, and little changes can make the difference in how your proposal is scored.  The first thing to do is to prepare a preliminary concept for review, early in the process, so there is time to make revisions without rushing.  Getting required signatures and notarization may require waiting for specially scheduled meetings, so start the application preparation process early! Guidance from an independent expert can add the features your project needs to rise to the top of the applicants. Contact us for more information.

landscape grants bookNew Landscape Grants eBook Available Now!

The first edition of The Advanced Guide to Landscape Grants: Create an Award-Winning Project is now available for download. It’s the fourth in the Advanced Guide Series. We would love to hear from you with comments and suggestions as we move forward with each new addition. It is stuffed with practical tips for applying and preparing landscape designs for potential grant funding, to push your proposal to the top of the stack and set your project apart from competitors.

If you are unfamiliar with horticulture or large-scale beautification project funding, this book will push you to expert level quickly, so you can start submitting applications with confidence.

Happy Landscaping!

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